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How to know if it is a good day to join the in-person service?  

Please join, unless:

-       You have tested positive for Covid within the last 14 days

-       You have been around anyone who has tested positive for Covid

-       You are feeling sick at all

-       You have a fever of 101.4 or above

-       You are experiencing any of these symptoms:

         o   Loss of taste or smell

         o   Fever or chills

         o   Cough

         o   Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

         o   Sore throat

         o   Diarrhea

         o   Nausea or vomiting

Otherwise, please join our Facebook Livestream, or check out posted services on the website:

More details at MountainviewNEPA.Org


Given the new CDC guidelines

and the fact that as of 5/23/21 75% of Mountainview Attendees have been vaccinated,

Masks are now Optional


Other safety measures we are taking…

-       Large volume air circulation

-       Hepa air-filtration

-       UV Light Air Scrubber added to HVAC Systems

-       Frequent deep-cleaning

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