• Together Family Ministries -  Anchor your family in Christ. 

On the 2nd Sunday of the month - We will meet for 15 minutes after the service for Together Family Prayer.  We will gather together and pray together with our children.  
On the 3rd Sunday of the month - 9:30 AM, We will have Together Family Mornings. This will be a time of family teaching with practical and meaningful application, helping your family stand firm in the face of whatever the world throws at you while enjoying some juice and snacks.
This is for the Whole family - kids and parents. This is not a dropoff program.

  • White Haven Community Lunch Program - 

The White Haven Community Lunch Program is looking for help for the upcoming new year: This is a great opportunity to serve our community~
~Kitchen help is needed on Monday and Wednesdays at St. Paul's.
~A Delivery Driver is needed for about a half hours worth of lunch deliveries to the homebound on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.
~Desserts are needed for January- So If you like baking, this would be a great gift!

  • Giving, Sharing, Needing -

Every once in a while we have someone that mentions they have ___if someone is looking for ___; or they are looking for ___ if someone is looking to get rid of ___. Could be clothing, furniture, extra food etc... In Acts, no one was in need because they were a community of believers taking care of each other.  Let’s start here! If you have something to share or give or you or someone you know is in need of something, we are creating a new section in our announcement email to do just that. The contact for this will be Dawn Wallace 570-762-2092 or (When emailing Dawn, please include “Needs or sharing” in the subject line.) Names and information will be kept anonymous if desired and on Fridays the information for Needs or Sharing will be listed. “There were no needy people among them” Acts 4:34 


  • Womens's Group - 

​Save The Date!! 
The Women’s Group will be having a 
Ladies' Only afternoon at Mountainview on December 4th at 2 PM!
Hot cocoa, cookies, popcorn, and a Christmas movie.  
All ladies are welcome!!
RSVP is encouraged but not required.

  • Christmas Program - 

A White Haven Community Christmas Program will be held at St. Patrick’s Church on Friday, December 3rd at 7 PM and Sunday, December 5th at 3 PM.  Get into the true Spirit of Christmas by experiencing the joy of music from performers who represent all the ecumenical churches in White Haven


  • Mountainview Friends Doing Things Together Group -

There is a new group called “Mountainview Friends Doing Things Together” on the BAND app. This group is to create more Christian community and fellowship.  There are people from Mountainview and other churches on this page, so it is not exclusive to Mountainview. 

  • Our Prayers and Support are needed - 

A little girl- Jocelyn, in our community, was recently diagnosed with DIPG, a highly aggressive brain tumor.  Let’s join together in prayer for this beautiful young girl and her family. 

If you feel led to support Jocelyn’s family, please click on The Go Fund Me Link here.

"Carry each other’s burdens and so you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2



This is the list we made as a church on what we will pray for together.

           Pray for those we don’t want to pray for

Pray for Courage - in spite of retaliation

               Not afraid to speak about Jesus

               Pray the dangerous prayer: Here I am, use me

Pray for God’s Provision - what he wants me to have

Ask God to help us come alongside others in long-term God-centered friendships

Pray for Families with unspoken hurts

Pray for Unity among denominations     

               Fellow churches, not pulled apart

               All believers to be of one heart and mind

Pray that we might bring people to reconciled relationships by bringing in the harvest

Pray for our World, Nation, States, and Region

Pray for More Believers – revival

Ask God to break through the barrier of “It’s never been done that way before” so people can come to salvation

Pray that we be vessels

Pray that we will see Churches, Families, Groups, and Disciples multiply

Let God lead and shame not hold us back

Pray for kids in the hospital

Ask God, “What is MY prayer to pray?

Be led by God’s Spirit

  • Leader's Meeting - 

The Leader’s meeting is Sunday November 28th

  • Board Meeting - 

The Next Board meeting is scheduled for Sunday December 5th.​

  • Did you miss the service this week?

Did you know that each Sunday's service is posted on Facebook and each of the sermons are posted on the website? The sermon audio recording is posted by Monday evening the video is usually posted by Tuesday morning.  If you have to miss the service for some reason, check it out so you are in the loop.​


  • Tithe By Text - 

Did you know it is possible to Tithe by Text?  Just text570-600-1225 and follow the instructions texted back.  ​​

There is a 3% charge for this service, please consider this in your giving, and help save the church the fee! Thank you!