• Rain Plan -  What is the plan for Sundays if there is rain or thunderstorms?

    • If we are already at church on a Sunday and the weather turns bad, we will head for our cars.  Anyone involved in the service will meet (social distancing, with masks) in the sanctuary.  The rest of the service will be broadcast over FM radio at 87.9.  It will also continue over Facebook Live, and Zoom.  ​

    • If we know ahead of time that the weather will be bad, we will plan ahead to meet together over Zoom, Facebook Live, and FM 87.9 (for those who would like to sit in cars in the church parking lot!)  Notification will be sent out by Saturday night, via email, the website homepage, and Facebook.

  • Are you grieving over the loss of a spouse or someone close? You don't have to suffer in silence. A Grief Share group is starting in Weatherly in August. Tentative plans are to hold it on alternating Tuesday nights (7 PM) at 238 3rd Street.  Contact Pastor David Clarke via FB private message,  E-Mail:, or call 570-427-4513, for more information.  Group size will be limited, and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Morning Scripture Reading - It has been so great to start the day with God's scriptures every morning at 7:07, AM for 20 minutes.   We start new books all the time, so any day is a great day to join. If you are interested in listening to or reading a couple of chapters of scripture in the morning, drop on in via the Sunday Morning Service Zoom Link.  Call Sarah at 570-261-5064 for the link.

  • Shade! - We are looking to provide more seating options in the field on Sunday mornings.  Do you have a pop-up tent or umbrella that you'd be willing to bring, set-up and take-down on Sundays?  If so, it would be a great gift to those who would like to sit closer up in the field.

  • Computers 101 -  We are currently checking to see if there is interest in a possible new group called, "Computers 101: How do I work this dumb thing?"  This group would meet during the day, one day per week, and would focus on training people to be comfortable working their phones, computers, and computer programs.  It would be based on questions from the group members.  The group will be fun, informative, lighthearted, and helpful.  And, given how frustrating these devices can be, we are sure there will be much prayer involved too!  Please let Pastor Brook know if this is something you'd be interested in.

  • Church Service and Picnic! - On August 23rd our service will be at 11:30 AM, and it will be a picnic.  More details to come.



Sunday 10 A.M.

Followed by time together

Casual attire

Pastor Brook Selby, MDiv


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