• Church Work Day - 

We will be having a church work day on May 15th.  Come and join us anytime between 9AM - 9PM.

 To volunteer please see Dan, Buddy or Sheila. Our list of to-do's is below!​

-Paint entrance doors
-Church wide light bulb replacement
-Toy cleaning/check in nursery. 
-Paint/patch scuffed walls/trim
-Duct cleaning
-Edge flower beds
-Flower bed mulch
-Flower bed weeding
-Paint front doors
-Paint pews
-Paint walls
-Repair Sink in Hvac Room - Its dripping
-GFI outlet outside near prayer room - cover is missing
-Metal lock/plate on Trash is broke - needs to be bent back into shape
-Repair Light Switch - toggle type light switch near back door- left switch is broke
-Replace lights out in 3 light fixtures in stairwell behind sanctuary
-Re-paint entire bin/tan color
-Replace visitor parking post that is broken
-Re-stain two gliders at front of building
-Re-stain three picnic tables
-Wash all outside windows
-Wash sanctuary and narthex windows, take off grids (use ladder)
-Take out  window screens and wash
-Deep clean kitchen
-Clean up brush and trim back any trees along stone wall
-Install new 23x47 light fixture in fellowship hall 
     (already bought and in HVAC room)

  • Vacation Bible School - 

Mark your calendar for White Haven Community VBS. Outside this year!

~ Quest for the King's Armor ~Kindergarten thru 5th grade (grade just graduated from)

Outside at Mountainview Community Church

5126 N. Lehigh Gorge Dr. White Haven PA. 

July 19 thru July 21 @ 6-8:30 pm. 

Space is limited so please register online ahead of time. Problems with Registration contact Sarah Gardner 410-703-6088

  • Time Capsule - 

The Women's group has decided to move up the Time Capsule burial to the same Sunday as the Church Picnic in July. Anyone can participate in adding to the Time Capsule (hosted by the Women's Group). The focus is on sharing how our journey of faith and our relationship with Jesus and others has been changed, challenged, or touched through the COVID pandemic and the issues burdening today’s society.  Whether it’s through sharing a poem, a short testimonial, pictures – however God moves you to share, any contribution will surely be a blessing to all who are part of this now and those who will be part of the opening in 10 years from the target Time Capsule burial date.

  • Marco Polo Study - 

A new way to study the scripture together has arrived!!!  We have a few friends whose schedules are too wacky for them to be a part of a regular Bible Study.  

So.... we are starting a Marco Polo Bible Study!  Marco Polo is a messaging app for your phone that allows you to send and receive short videos and then watch them whenever you want.  Much like the Facebook Study, this will be a fun experiment where we read a scripture and discuss it in our own free time, via video clips to one another.  

Talk to Pastor Brook for details!  570-580-0808​​​

  • Morning Scripture Reading - 

Daily scripture reading is now meeting at 7:30AM on Zoom Monday-Friday!
Join us as we read a couple of chapters together and then briefly discuss what stood out to us and how the Lord is speaking to us. Feel free to listen as you get ready for your day, or join in the reading.​


  • Are you in need of a BIBLE?

There are BRAND NEW Bibles available for anyone that may want one for themselves or to give to someone else.

-ESV version

-White Paper Back Covers

-Medium Size Print

Call or text John Potoskie 570-751-8549

  • Tithe By Text - 

Did you know it is possible to Tithe by Text?  Just text570-600-1225 and follow the instructions texted back.  

  • Please Be Reminded - 

IF YOU ARE SICK AT ALL or you have been around anyone who has been sick, or is sick, please stay home and join us via parking lot FM 87.9, Facebook live or Zoom.  

We want to keep everyone safe and healthy.
Thank you for your understanding!

  • Operation Christmas Child - 

Every year around Chritmas our church sends shoeboxes filled with gifts and a gospel message to children around the world. We will be collecting items all year,  The Shoebox items for the month of May are:

Stuffed Animals



Playing Cards

There is a shoebox in the foyer to place the collected items or contact Deb Herr for pickup and delivery options. 

We are also collecting toothpaste and toothbrushes for Pastor Frisby for Cuba.